Our Story

Zetu Africa: translates to say "Ours Africa". We are an Award-winning African social enterprise dedicated to designing simple solutions to complex social challenges. Our challenges require Our solutions!


Exhibiting our work at the Vivatech expo in Paris, 2019. 

In 2016, a group of young Ugandans watched a news story about a school 2-hours from the city (Kampala) that had its students studying without classroom furniture. This was one of many stories of this kind covered on the local news. “2 months later, we visited 26 schools in Uganda’s central region in a single day and they all studied in these conditions” says Arnold Mugagga. “It is at this point that we decided to explore options to address the problem!”

Children pose for a photo in a classroom in Eastern and Western Uganda.

The SeatPack was born out of the desire for the schoolbag to do more, and after a 2 year period and over 7 failed attempts to prove a working mechanism, the SeatPack was finally ready for safe use in Primary Schools across the country. 

Testing the SeatPack in Nakivale Refugee Camp - Isingiro District (located in Western Uganda) in 2019. These tests informed the design and material selection for the School SeatPack. 

We make beautiful handbags so each one we sale, can furnish a school child directly. These locally hand-made African bags can be bought from outlets in various cities. Each label once scanned shows your personal social impact change in real time. 

Our goal is to not only change how classrooms are furnished in Africa, but to gather learning from what mobile furniture means for education in the current era.

Exhibiting in London as One Young World Ambassadors with the Global Total StartUpper of the Year challenge winners. 

It is from the need to solve one challenge that Zetu-Africa was born. A group of dedicated young Africans that believe our social challenges require our own solutions, context developed, tested and applied. We chose to exercise the power we have to address social challenges around communities. 



Arnold Leon Mugagga : Founder - Zetu Africa. 

We are excited to act upon the capacity we bare, to culture a more livable Africa. In so doing, we create today, what we can be proud of tomorrow."

Sseggujja Michael: Co-founder - SeatPack.

"If a child's learning conditions are poor, learning is not fun. Like food on a dirty plate, they'll eventually loose interest. "

Charlotte Kobusingye: Production / Design Lead 

"Great local design can change the African story and contribute to a better world. Our craft is showing us how to make a difference the best way we can"

Laura Althaus: Design-thinking expert and Lead - Zetu Africa. 

"I’m passionate about innovation and (social) entrepreneurship as I believe only innovative solutions can solve global challenges like the classroom furniture challenge SeatPack addresses."