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Since the building of a “formal classroom” on the African continent, the wooden desk (a 1.2metre timber sitting and writing unit of furniture introduced to the classroom in the early 1800´s) has been the only approach to furnishing classrooms at averagely $90-120 per unit. This unit price is too high for most schools to afford today for 77 children per classroom on average.

Zetu Africa is completely changing the classroom furniture approach using the SeatPack: a simple School bag, that turns to a bamboo classroom chair with a portable blackboard-writing-surface for children to attend classes indoors or outdoors with dignity while well equipped to study. All this at a unit cost of $15 each (80% cheaper financially) without need to cut a single tree to avail sitting and writing functions for classrooms.

The Bamboo classroom chair component of the SeatPack has no leaning surface, allowing children to build great sitting posture for improved attention (and breathing) during classes.

A teacher in Wakiso district, Uganda, posing with a SeatPack for one of his students. Mr.Kiwanuka (above) appreciates how attentive children are when using the SeatPack in his mathematics classes.

Using the SeatPack´s Bamboo classroom chair for learning communities has the power to avert a real deforestation crisis on the continent. By employing bamboo as a key material for classroom furniture, the 500 million children projected to join the school environment by 2050 will not require cutting down over 90-million trees to serve their sitting and writing needs in classrooms.

Every 3 SeatPacks used eliminate the need for 1 wooden desk, thereby keeping 1 tree standing. Currently 600 trees are conserved to date. Zetu Africa´s goal is to have 10million SeatPacks used by 2030 across Sub-Saharan Africa, directly keeping over 2million trees standing in the process.

Interested in shaping child education for the better together? then reach us at today or visit Zetu Africa for more.

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