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Children in a school using Seatpacks

SeatPack features

The SeatPack is a school bag that turns into a classroom chair and writing surface, providing children across rural Africa with a place to sit and write during class. Crafted with non-chemically treated bamboo and canvas, it's durable, light and versatile.

Green and red Seatpack bag

Mobile and versatile 

The SeatPack features a detachable seat and writing surface. The design allows the child to sit and write comfortably during class, whether it's indoors or outdoors.

The seat encourages upright sitting, strengthening much needed lower back for children and increasing attention during classes.

Light weight and waterproof 

Weighing just 600 grams, the SeatPack is light to carry, even for children who have a long walk to school. The design features only one main pocket to limit heavy load.

The SeatPack is crafted from a durable, fully waterproof textile that keeps books safe in rainy weather.

A child with a brown Seatpack bag
Green and red Seatpack bag

Sustainably produced

The SeatPack is made with non-chemically treated bamboo and canvas, replacing tree timber as the key material for classroom furniture. This means that no trees are cut in the SeatPack production process.

The furnishing is modular in design with simple material components for easy local production at scale. 

Facilitates menstrual hygiene

Each SeatPack has a sanitary wet pocket for female students to tend to their menstrual hygiene without needing to miss school to do so discreetly. 

With most girls missing up to 20% of the school year due to absence while in their period, the sanitary pocket is a key feature of the SeatPack. 

A Menstrual pouch that comes with the Seatpack bag
Seatpack writing tablet infront of a Seatpack seat

Comes with a portable writing surface

The SeatPack features a blackboard writing surface, allowing children without notebooks to take notes during class. 


The blackboard is portable, enabling the child to use it in a way that suits them and the environment they're in.

Low-cost and durable  

Each SeatPack is produced locally at a cost that's 80% lower than wooden desk and locker options.


The thick canvas grade and treated bamboo ensures durability and strength. With a design free from zippers, buckles and buttons, the SeatPack is also easy to repair if needed.

Green and red Seatpack bag
Kids using the Seatpacks in a classroom

A Zetu proprietary design

Our purpose is to design to empower the next generation. The SeatPack, a Zetu proprietary design, puts our purpose into practice. 

Want to learn more?


For every Zetu product purchased, we donate a SeatPack. So far, we've provided over 8,500 schoolchildren with SeatPacks.

Why SeatPack matters

With over 95 million school children across Africa lacking a place to sit or write, the SeatPack plays an important part in making education accessible for all.

About us

We're a small business based in Kampala, Uganda. We craft thoughtfully designed bags and other products which help fund furnishing for rural schools across Africa.

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