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We are the Zetu Family. A collective of creatives keen to contribute to the beauty of human living through Great design 😍! When you own a Zetu product, then you understand what we are talking about! 


“My favorite part is the back pocket and the laptop pocket inside the dreamer bags”.
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Zetu to me is a unique place where we gather and explore different ideas to create something from scratch. Zetu is another source of knowledge, wisdom & guidance because we learn from each other every day.


“Zetu to me means a willingness to learn new things and honesty through the work we do and the time we share together”. 

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"My unique super power is being me and thinking outside the box."
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​​To me, Zetu is not a company. Zetu is a family, a team of creativity, sharing, building each other with a revolution of ideas. 


My favorite part of the Zetu bags to make is hard to choose. I love making each part because the process is super exciting. When making each bag I feel limitless.

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​"My unique super power is creating and learning."
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“Zetu is a family to me, a place where I find inspiration and it makes me open up to my infinite creativity”. ​

“My favorite part is the step by step process of making the bag and each Zetu product we produce”.

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​"My unique superpower to the Zetu family is strength."
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“Zetu means a lot to me. It has really moved my life to a certain level where I have never been before. It has made me grow my thinking and mind through interacting with the Zetu family of good hearted and intelligent people”.

​“Every part on a Zetu bag is my favorite, but the most interesting part is where we all bring in our ideas to agree on what to add and what to remove to improve each design”

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​“My unique superpower is that I am multipurpose and flexible to different creative making roles”​
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“Zetu to me simply means a Home for creation.”. 

“I enjoy mostly making the secret pockets, the quilts, side pockets, base and binding on the Zetu bags”. 

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​“My unique superpower in the Zetu family is my integrity”
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​“Zetu has given me the opportunity of meeting new people and acquiring new creative skills”. 


​“I enjoy mostly making the pockets on the Zetu bags”.

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