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About Zetu

We are an award-winning design company that crafts thoughtfully designed products in an eco-conscious way. Every product purchased helps fund furnishing for rural schools across Africa.

Building futures, one product at a time.

Welcome to Zetu. We're glad you want to learn more about us. Because what we do wouldn't be possible without our partners and customers.

Our mission

Zetu keychain on minimalist bag

Our mission is to create thoughtfully designed products that support rural communities today and for generations to come. All our profits go to our foundation, the SeatPack Foundation, who makes the iconic SeatPack: a school bag that turns into a bamboo classroom chair and writing surface.

Our story

Birthday. at Zetu Africa

Zetu Africa was born from a simple yet powerful idea: that design can be a force for positive change. The idea became a reality in 2021, through the very first edition of Zetu bags. Since then, our small but passionate team in Kampala, Uganda, has crafted Zetu products and SeatPacks infused with creativity, care, and a deep commitment to our purpose to design to empower the next generation.

Our products

Custom Zetu bag

Quality, durability, and functionality are the pillars of our product range. Each item is a testament to the skill of African craftsmanship, brought to life with locally sourced, sustainable materials. From eco-friendly bags to functional accessories, Zetu’s products are designed for those who seek style with substance.​

Our impact

Green and red Seatpack bag and seat

Every Zetu product you choose has a direct impact. Through our SeatPack initiative, we transform classrooms and lives across Africa. We're proud to say that with your support, we have already made significant strides towards our goal of enabling equal access to education.

Our goals

Childrean using Seatpack seats and writing tabs

​We have set out to:

  • Increase access to furnished classrooms by availing SeatPacks to 10 million school children across Africa by 2030

  • Make bamboo the key sustainable material for classroom furniture, preventing 3 million trees from being cut down to make wooden furniture.

We're also actively working towards four of UNs Sustainable Development Goals: Quality Education (SDG 4), Gender Equality (SDG 6), Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG 8) and Climate Action (SDG 13).

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