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Our Journey

Our journey is a chronicle of our drive to make a lasting societal impact. It's a testament to the power of uniting consumers with our vision of a brighter, more sustainable future, one product at a time.


Official Zetu Africa launch

Tested 7th iteration of the SeatPack with school children in Nakivaale Refugee Settlement, Uganda.

Awarded StartUpper of the year - Africa by Total Energy


Pivot SeatPack business model. 100% local production.

Introduction of our "buy one, fund one" model to sustainably donate SeatPacks to rural schools with funding from our profits.

Use of local Bamboo in the production of SeatPack - classroom chair component.

Tested 11th iteration of the SeatPack with school children Kampala, Uganda.

Awarded Business Excellence Award by JICA -NINJA. 


to date

Set up Zetu Production facility

Full setup of Zetu facility in Uganda for SeatPack production and Zetu commercial products. 

Complete SeatPack pilot

Furnished a sub-urban Primary School with SeatPacks 12th iteration.

Proved "buy one, fund one" model as a sustainable approach to SeatPack impact creation.

Awarded UNICEF Innovation Challenge Winner.

Officially launched Mobile Classrooms for 10,000 School Children  Campaign

Official invitation for 15 partners to subsidize 10,000 SeatPacks for rural primary school across East Africa. 2 - 5 year Impact return on impact investment. 

Produced first 1,000 SeatPacks for school children in Uganda

Distributed SeatPacks in 8 Districts across rural Uganda.

Created partnerships with stockists in 4 countries and 7 cities to make commercial Zetu products available globally.

Zetu bags currently available in:

  • Kampala, Uganda

  • Kigali, Rwanda

  • Fukouka, Japan

  • Berlin, Germany

  • Munich, Germany

  • Hamburg, Germany

  • Heidelberg, Germany

  • Budapest, Hungary

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