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Empowering Education and Health

SeatPacks Supporting Girls' Education in Uganda

In the journey toward inclusive education, Zetu Africa's SeatPacks have emerged as more than just innovative classroom furniture; they've become a catalyst for empowering girls in schools across Uganda. The integration of menstrual pouches within these multifunctional school bags represents a significant stride toward breaking barriers to education. Thanks to the invaluable feedback from girls at a school in Yumbe district (Yolo Refugee Primary school), Zetu Africa recognized the crucial need to address menstrual health management as a means to prevent school absenteeism among young girls. Now, at Hill Road Primary School and various other educational institutions, children revel in the versatility of SeatPacks equipped not just as chairs and writing surfaces but also as a tool to support girls in managing their menstrual cycles without hindering their education.

The inclusion of menstrual pouches within SeatPacks underscores a commitment to fostering a supportive learning environment where every child, regardless of gender, has the tools necessary to thrive in their education. Zetu Africa's collaborative approach, shaped by insights from the communities it serves, stands as a testament to the power of listening and responding to the needs of students. Through this initiative, Zetu Africa extends an invitation to collaborate and contribute toward creating an educational landscape that champions inclusivity, health, and empowerment. Connect with us at to join hands in this impactful endeavor.


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