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The SeatPack is a bag, a bamboo chair with a writting board, (with a menstrual purse inside for adolescent girls period hygiene).


When you buy one, you gift $7.5 for a school child to recieve one. 


You can also Donate one extra SeatPack to a school child at check-out. 


Sustainable & Affordable:

  • Eco-friendly bamboo and materproof fabric
  • Locally-sourced raw materials and modular design for easy use.

Empowering Girls' Health:

  • Built-in menstrual purse and sanitary pockets promote good hygiene and increase female school attendance by 20% annually.

Durable & Ergonomic:

  • Lightweight (600 grams) for easy carrying by young students.
  • Waterproof material protects books from the weather elements.
  • Designed for proper posture with no leaning surface.

Multifunctional & Practical:

  • Supports up to 65kg of weight, perfect for a full day's worth of supplies.
  • Portable blackboard writing surface doubles as a writing surface for students without textbooks.
  • Easy to repair with just thread.

The SeatPack is an award-winning game-changer for rural African school children. Buy one to give one to a School child. 


50 Grams
Price Options
One-time purchase
Donate Regularly
Donate a SeatPack 3 times a year at the start of school term
£13.00every 3 months until canceled