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Zetu Foundation:
Your Lasting Impact

For every Zetu product purchased, the Zetu Foundation provides a SeatPack to rural primary schools across Africa. The SeatPack, a schoolbag that turns into a bamboo chair and writing surface, giving children who don't have access to school desks, tables and chairs a place to sit and write during class, indoors and outdoors. 



SeatPacks given to school children by the Zetu Family

Building futures, one product at a time

SeatPack is a school bag that turns into bamboo classroom chairs with portable writing surfaces.  With over 95 million African children attending school without a place to sit and write during class, the SeatPack transforms lives.

What a SeatPack classroom looks like

Working towards UNs Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

All Zetu products purchased have a direct impact through the SeatPacks donated. They're also crafted with our workers and the environment in mind. Below, you can see which UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) you help us work towards when partnering with us or buying our products.

With over 2,070 SeatPacks given, we have furnished several classrooms in 32 primary schools across Africa

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