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Schoolbags to Seats: Educating 10,000 Children

Updated: Mar 9

The SeatPack, a Zetu schoolbag that performs as a mobile classroom furniture unit has been concluded tests on and is now scaling in Uganda. Having undergone multiple tests to date, feedback from students and teachers has been incorporated in the latest SeatPack design.

SeatPack has achieved maximum child comfort during class hours, and efficient use of interactive learning techniques by teachers.

“This is the most scalable solution to furnishing classrooms on the African continent, while maintaining social distance to contain covid19 spread in classrooms.”

Scaling the SeatPack is part of Zetu Africa's Mobile Classrooms for 10,000 Children Campaign, set to be complete by end of the year 2022.

To partner with Zetu on the Mobile Classrooms for 10,000 Children Campaign, please write to or directly to


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